On-demand Beauty Service is here to Stay: How Tech is Disrupting the Beauty Industry

Updated: Aug 17

As Lagos continues to spin out exists and more tech unicorns, many tech veterans are on the lookout for the next billion dollar opportunity. If you are one of those veterans, you don't need to look too far, it's all right here in Lagos. The Beauty and wellness is $91 billion dollar market that no one is paying attention to just yet.

“The global Salon & Spa market is projected to grow from $138.9 billion in 2020 to $191.6 billion by 2027..”

The beauty and wellness industry like most legacy industries is huge and more than ripe for disruption. The industry needs new technologies that can drive innovation and enhance the quality of service delivery. And this is already happening. There are new apps developed during the pandemic that offers tele-consultation with virtual make-ups and hair color try-on tools. But beyond all that we need to build a marketplace and community that brings the “mom & pop” salon owner’s online to unlock the huge market potential that exists for off premise beauty and wellness service delivery.

WALA is pioneering this change as Africa's first mobile application for “on-demand” beauty and wellness service delivery that connects working professionals with barbers, hair stylists, makeup artists, nail technicians and fitness/yoga instructors near them. With the mobile application users, relying on technology for convenience, can order beauty and wellness services to be delivered at the comfort of their homes, office or hotel without needing to take a trip to the salon or local mall.

As the world adjust to the new normal of the post covid world, we already see a growing desire for hybrid lifestyle (convenience) as today’s consumers continue to grow more comfortable with the idea of placing orders through their smartphones for everything from Uber to groceries, gifts and so on. WALA is bringing that ease and convenience to beauty and higher-end luxury services with a super easy to use mobile application that is available on android and ios devices. So that with just the click of a button users can order a beauty service to be delivered wherever they are- at the office, at home and in a hotel anywhere in the world.

With Wala, anyone can start and run a salon/spa business with no store or upfront investment. The potential of creating new jobs and elevating many above the poverty line is enormous. If interested to start your own virtal salon with Wala, register for Wala Beauty-Tech Festival, happening at Four Points Hotel in Lagos on September 4th.